Built in late summer 2014, I came up with the idea for this game based soley on the criteria that I could build and totally finish it by myself in a month (usually I come up with game concepts that I can prototype but would never be able to really finish to a good standard - I knowingly make games that are too big for one person to finish all the time, which is why there are relatively few projects I can show here). It worked out - I finished the game and did everything I wanted to do with it. It was quite nicely polished compared to some of my other games too. The main issue was the game itself turned out to not be all that great, really the player just had too little in the way of agency. I tried to address this in the form of active abilities but it didn’t really do the job.

The basic gameplay is a sort of tower defence style game, there are two sides, the player chooses a set of units from different unit types and positions them on their side of the board (while attempting to take advantage of special tiles and cover). When done the player hits begin, and the AI units fight until one team is completely eliminated, last team alive wins. I think I titled it pretty well.


Developed in C# using Unity.