Souls Of The Sea

This has been my longest running project, I originally started it in February 2014 and it’s sort of on and off now. The idea was a 2D Rogue-like game with a combat system inspired by Dark Souls and a story set in Irish mythology - it was the first project that I had planned as a long term project, but it ended up a little bit too long term and right now it’s sort of on ice.

It took me much longer than expected to build a good combat system for the game. It turned from a ‘Rogue-like’ game project to a ‘recreation of Dark Souls combat in 2D’ project, it took almost a year and a half just to get a combat system I was happy with. I went through a couple of different iterations, initially starting out with a sprite based approach for animations, before decided it was far too much work for one person - I then switched to skeletal animation which was a huge time saver. By the end I had a really nice implementation of a take on how the Dark Souls combat system could work in 2D, with all of the bells and whistles like parrying, hyper-armour, poise, etc. I’m actually quite proud of it. Unfortunately the rest of the game is just a basic AI, basic stat system, (very) basic inventory system, a half finished level and a half finished boss. I’m currently trying to salvage the combat system by making a little arena game as a new project. Hopefully in the future I’ll find the will to power through and get a nice vertical slice experience out of this game.


Built using C# and Unity, together with Spine for skeletal animation.