One Punch

A project I prototyped in January 2016, the idea was a game based on the anime ‘One Punch Man’ (the hero is a guy who can defeat anyone in one punch - watch this fight). I thought it would be fun to make a brawler style game where the player character is essentially ‘god-mode’ and so can’t die and can defeat any enemy very easily with ridiculous powers - but with the catch that they have to do as little damage as possible to the cities that the monsters are attacking, the game was going to have the idea of a public opinion meter where doing very little damage and saving as many people as possible while defeating the monster would score you really well, but destroying the whole city and letting the monster kill lots of people would tank your popularity.

I still think it’s a great idea for a game, but unfortunately I decided to prototype this in GameMaker Studio (my first time using that program) and it just didn’t have the performance to handle the terrain destruction that I needed, so the project was shelved after a few weeks. I’d really like to pick it up again at some point, maybe try again in Haxe or Unity.


Prototyped in GameMaker Studio.