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I went to a wee hackathon this weekend (Digital Cities: Hack The Screen). For the hack they had permission from the BBC to access and make use of the BBC archives (which are vast, and contain video footage dating back through last century). There was an AR/VR slant to the theme and so we decided that a cool way to utilise the footage would be to create an app that worked as a window to the past. By using the footage we found in the archives we could link videos to locations in current day and overlay the old footage in that place lined up in such a way that it would be like looking into the past.

I think it’s a really cool concept and we finished a pretty good prototype in the 2 days of the hack that showcases it well. We used footage from the 70s around Belfast City Hall for our prototype, but you can imagine how cool this would be done in other historic areas where you could stand and see events unfolding in the past. We ended up winning the hack, so all in all it was a very sucessful weekend, and I’d be interested in developing this concept further!